Kintamani Bali, Savoring the Natural Wonders and Culture of Bali

Kintamani Bali

Bali is a major destination in Indonesia, attracting millions of visitors every year from all over the world. This island is located on the eastern part of Indonesia, its size is small compared to the other 5 major islands of Indonesia. However, this island offers a magical experience for everyone who dares to explore Bali. Every region in Bali can be a tourist destination, offering man-made as well as natural landscapes combined with culturally rich and friendly people. Many times, Bali has won many awards, either for its breathtaking landscape or its tranquil resorts or hotels. One of many destinations in Bali, Ubud is still the favorite among tourists. Ubud is known as the cultural capital of Bali and offers endless possibilities. Its location in the highlands provides a more tranquil vibe rather than the crowded side of Bali. 

Ubud has much to offer. Natural wonders are the prominent destination here, and one of them is Kintamani. Kintamani is a region in Ubud, located only an hour north of Ubud. Kintamani is the reminder that Bali is so magical where lush greenery is adoring the places, lake with crystal water lies inside an active caldera, and beautiful villages are dotting the region. Tripcetera has summed up all the wonderful places in Kintamani to make your adventure memorable! 

Natural Wonders and Culture of Kintamani Bali

1. Desa Penelokan Village (Village)

Kintamani Bali
Photo by Max Rovensky on Unsplash

Penelokan is a major village in Kintamani. “Penelokan” itself means a place to see. From Penelokan village, people could see a panoramic view of the surroundings from the height of 1450 meters above sea level. Many restaurants are overlooking the mountain and the lake in the distance, combined with cool weather, making Penelokan a perfect stop as well as a postcard-perfect view before continuing your journey on the wonderful places in Kintamani. From Penelokan, you can go to Lake Batur, Trunyan Village or many other places using Bali’s Car Rental

2. Danau Batur (Lake)

Danau Batur Bali - Kintamani
Image by kolibri5 from Pixabay 

Danau Batur is one of 3 lakes in Bali, each lake has its own distinctive feature. Lake Batur’s distinctive feature is its location, being situated on the slope of an active volcano, Mount Batur, thus getting its name. Situated on the right slope of a mountain, Lake Batur is fascinatingly perched on the altitude of more than 1000 meters above sea level. Lake Batur offers a spectacular view of a large lake surrounded by lush green mountains bordering it in such a way that it makes us feel tranquil. Lake Batur can be reached from Penelokan village for 25 minutes ride or about 10 kilometers away. 

3. Desa Trunyan (Village)

Lies on the side of tranquil Lake Batur, is a unique village called Trunyan. Trunyan village is inhabited by the indigenous tribe of Bali, Bali Aga tribe. Trunyan itself is derived from “Taru” and “Menyan”. “Taru” means tree and “Menyan” means incense that usually emits a certain fragrance. Combined, Taru and Menyan mean a tree that emits fragrance, grew in this village. In this village, the body of the deceased is laid down under the Trunyan tree instead of being buried. There are 3 different trees for different causes of death. One is for natural cause, one is for unnatural cause, and one for infants. The fragrance of the tree overshadows the smell of the deceased. These trees have been a major attraction for tourists although it might not suitable for everyone. 

4. Pura Ulun Danu Batur (Temple)

Ulun daru batur temple
Photo by Steve Douglas on Unsplash

On the northwest of Penelokan Village lies a sacred Hindu temple and is one of 9 directional temples in Bali, called Ulun Danu Batur. Ulun Danu Batur is situated 900 meters above the sea level and locally known as Batur Temple. The temple faces west with magnificent background of Mount Batur and the lovely view of Lake Batur. In the past, Ulun Danu is located in the southwest of Mount Batur. Due to the eruption of Mount Batur in 1917, the temple was destroyed and then rebuilt on the temple was done in 1926. 

5. Pemandian Air Panas Toya Bungkah (Natural Hot Spring)

Toya Bungkah
Photo by Alexander McFeron on Unsplash

Toya Bungkah is an epic hot spring located on the side of Lake Batur. In this place, you can soak in a natural hot spring with 29-30 degrees Celsius. There are 4 natural hot springs in Toya Bungkah each with a different purpose. There is one hot spring for children with the depth of 80 centimeters, natural therapy hot spring for therapy with 38 to 40 degree Celsius, floating sunburn for those who loves sunbathing, and the last one is for swimming. 

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