Exploring and Celebrating Festival in Kepulauan Anambas 2022

Kepulauan Anambas

Situated in one of the most remote areas of Indonesia, lies a hidden tropical paradise on the west side of Indonesia. It is part of Kepulauan Riau Province namely Anambas Archipelago (Kepulauan Anambas). Anambas Archipelago used to be part of the Natuna Regency, a region popular for its captivating landscape especially its underwater beauty. Kepulauan Anambas is strategically located between Kalimantan (Borneo) and Sumatra with more than 200 islands or islets scattered all around the area with Tarempa Island as its capital city.

Although Kepulauan Anambas might not be as famous as Raja Ampat in West Papua, Anambas has earned the title of Asia’s Top Five Tropical Island Paradise by CNN. As one of the holders of such title, Anambas is all you can imagine of a tropical island. Hundreds of small remote islands off the coast surrounded by turquoise colored sea water, white sandy beaches, and lush green landscape as far as your eyes can see. 

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The mesmerizing view of this small archipelago isn’t just on the surface. Underwater, you will see a whole other world of colorful reefs and fishes. The uncountable creatures that dwell underneath the water have made Anambas a world-class destination for scuba diving, snorkeling, and many more. In some areas, islets or islands are connected through sand dunes and corals, therefore during low tides, you might be able to see the connected islands. From hundreds of islands in Kepulauan Anambas, we have made a list of the best islands/destinations especially if this is your first-time visit

Destinations in Kepulauan Anambas

1. Bawah Island

Those who are fond of underwater activities should never miss Bawah Island. Bawah Island is very well known among tourists for its tropical paradise. The ambiance of a solitude island surrounded by crystal waters has made Bawah Island a primary destination. In its 300 hectares area, 3 lagoons, as well as dozens of beaches with a top-notch view, will surely rejuvenate your soul. 

bawah island kepulauan anambas
Photo by Dayana Brooke on Unsplash

2. Durai Island

In all of the Anambas Islands, Durai Island is the perfect spot to watch sea turtles. Located in the Palmatak region, Durai Island is the natural habitat of hawksbill turtles and leatherback turtle among them. You can see the turtles usually during the evening on the beach to lay their eggs. There is also a turtle conservatory where you can learn all about turtles!

durai island anambas island
Photo by Ricardo Braham on Unsplash

3. Penjalin Island

Penjalin might be the furthest island in Anambas Archipelago and in close proximity with Malaysia and Vietnam. However, once you reach Penjalin, you will be greeted with a jaw-dropping view of a cluster of small islands with white sandy beaches. In Penjalin, you will be able to enjoy the small island by snorkeling, canoeing, or even swimming!

penjalin island kepulauan anambas
Photo by Chelsea Gates on Unsplash

4. Pasir Panjang Beach 

As the name states, Pasir Panjang Beach (long beach) has a long coastline. This beach is suitable for beachgoers to see stunning and unspoiled beaches. Pasir Panjang Beach is located in Bahari Lingai Village. Aside from the beach, Bahari Lingai presents a hypnotizing view of hills, rocks, and beaches and create bay and strait. 

pasir panjang beach anambas
Photo by Chelsea Gates on Unsplash

5. Arung Hijau Beach

Behold to witness the most iconic sunset of Anambas on Arung Hijau Beach. This beach is situated in Taingau Village, Siantan Selatan. The beach is facing to the west, making it a perfect place for the sunset seekers. When you visit Arung Hijau Beach, don’t hesitate to try snorkeling for this beach is also known for its underwater magical view. 

6. Temburun Waterfall

Anambas has another secret besides its beaches and underwater beauty, its waterfall and its located in the capital city of Anambas! Have you ever had the chance to see a waterfall facing right to the sea? Anambas has it and it’s called Air Terjun Temburun (Temburun Waterfall). Temburun Waterfall is majestically cascading waters down from more than 200 meters high and made of 7 levels!

Temburun Waterfall anambas island
Photo by Will Swann on Unsplash

7. Shopping souvenirs in Tarempa 

As the capital city of Anambas, Tarempa has a lot to offer. The beach has the iconic giant granite adorning the coastline, and certainly the Tarumbun Waterfall set a benchmark to beat this epic waterfall. To bring home the fond memories of Anambas, you can also buy some souvenirs from the locals such as authentic batik from Tarema that has been used by famous Indonesian designers. 

Visiting Anambas Archipelago might be a little bit challenging, but the journey will surely be paid off. There are 2 routes to reach Anambas, through Tanjung Pinang/Bintan Island or via Batam. If you take Tanjung Pinang, book a flight to Raja Haji Fisabilillah Airport in Tanjung Pinang then take a ferry from Bintan The ferry will transit in Letung, Jejama Island and Tarempa Harbour in Siantan Island. Or you can take a flight from Tanjung Pinang to Letung using Susi Air.

However, to reach Tarempa, you need to take 2-3 hours speed boat ride to reach. If you choose the Batam route, take a flight to Hang Nadim Airport Batam then take another flight to Letung Airport in Jejama using Wings Air. Or you can take the ferry from Telaga Punggur Harbor in Batam to Letung.  

For those who want the combination of stunning landscape, rich and thriving culture as well as some nature exploration, Festival Gunung Daik is an absolute must! Festival Gunung Daik (Mount Daik Festival) is held by the government of Riau Province. The festival celebrates as well as promoting the enthralling view of Riau Province. The festival intertwined entertaining experiences such as hiking Mount Daik, historical tour, culinary, cycling and many more with the natural beauty of the Riau Province.


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