Penglipuran Village, The Cleanest Authentic Village in Bali (2020)

Penglipuran Village

One just can’t simply describe Bali, a rather small island in Indonesia compared to 5 major islands in this archipelagic country. This small island has grown to be a major destination in the world. Pristine beaches have been attracting many beachgoers, mythical mountains offer trekking to see the gorgeous sunrise, and grand temples adorning the island preserve its mythical ambiance. All of these have been completed with friendly people who keep the traditions alive among modernization even among the Balinese itself. One of the most recent tourism hit in Bali is Penglipuran Village. 

Penglipuran Village is located on the highland of Bali in Bangli Regency, the eastern part of Bali. Situated more than 600 meters above the sea level, Penglipuran’s weather is cool, making this village a perfect escapade from the hot weather of southern Bali. Penglipuran is best known for its preserved culture and layout that makes you go back to old times. When you enter the area, you are even obliged to park your vehicle outside the village. You only need to pay for the parking ticket around IDR 15000 for domestic tourists and IDR 30000 for international tourists.

The name Penglipuran itself is believed to be derived from “Pengeling Pura” which means remembering the ancestors. The people of Penglipuran is believed to migrate from Kintamani near Gunung Batur and determine to preserve their traditions in the new place, Penglipuran. Another theory is that Penglipuran comes from “Pangleng” and “Pura”, means 4 temples on 4 points of the compass. The layout of the village is based on the Tri Mandala concept of Hinduism: “Parhyangan” for the sacred, “Pawongan” as the settlement, and “Palemahan”, from “lemah” means lot/soil for farming or graveyard.

Panglipuran Village Bali

penglipuran village bali 2019
Photo by Agnes Sulistya

Once you enter the village, you will be greeted with a tranquil and very clean area of paved stone leading to the areas in the village. When you reach the T-junction, you will be led to either Karang Memadu or Bamboo Forest. You may choose either way first because it’s a small village and you won’t get lost. If you choose to go to “Karang Memadu” or Bamboo Forest, you will be greeted with the neat layout of the residents’ house as if you’re entering a village in that old Harvest Moon game. The residents’ houses are concealed within the walls with traditional arch gates as the entrance and gardens are lined along the paved way. 

penglipuran bali
Photo by Agnes Sulistya

When you reach “Karang Memadu” area, you will find that there is no house, you will only find “karang” or “coral”. Now this place is filled with banana trees, rocks, and a small garden towards the area. This place is used to excommunicate a man who does polygamy for the regulation and tradition of village strictly forbid polygamy. There is one small coffee shop near “Karang Memadu” where you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the garden. If you go towards the bamboo forest, you will find 45 hectares of sacred bamboo forest to refresh your eyes with beautiful lush greenery. The bamboo forest is filled with temples where people pray and make offerings. 

penglipuran village bali
Photo by Agnes Sulistya

You are also very welcomed to enter the residence. The friendly people will gladly welcome you and they might show you around. Many people in Penglipuran also sells souvenirs for you to take home such as bags, Bali sarongs, hats where you can bargain the prices, snacks and special beverage from Penglipuran called Loloh Cemcem. It’s a traditional drink made from “cemcem” leaves, it tastes very natural, a bit sour and very refreshing, for the people made “loloh cemcem” without any preservatives and only lasts for 3 days in refrigerator. You may find “loloh cemcem” from many places in Bali and tastes the same for it’s only produced in Penglipuran so far. 

Visiting Penglipuran leaves a lasting experience. You will miss its tranquility, its friendly people and the gorgeous layout of the village unlike anywhere else in the world. The tourism is currently managed by the village tourism community and is very encouraged to participate in the developing of the community by buying their product. Visiting Penglipuran is easy, located near Kintamani and can be easily reached by renting a car in bali, or join a tour to take you to this heavenly village. Tour in Penglipuran is usually combined with tour in Kintamani. 

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